Here we will sit in Koh Samui, because we were buying it anyway!

  I am the first to admit that i am truly blessed! This month we will have the pleasure of sitting on these very seats, drawing in the sun after a cold shivering melbourne winter..... we will be having a dip in our own private little pool, and we will cast our eye on this [...]


I can hear it calling, softly, softly …..

Sandalwood.... koh samui... thailand..... i can hear it softly calling. "Come, explore, relax, be spoilt, have fun, see NEW things, try NEW foods, enjoy time with the one you love and learn/experience a new culture" It won't be long now! Be sure to sign on as a follower, so you can read HOW were lucky [...]

Italy- Florence- The dress that got left behind

 One of the hazards of travelling is making the mistake of unpacking that suitcase, when you are stopped for a few days, instead of continuing to live out of the suitcase, until you return home. During our month long trip to Europe in 2014, we stayed in many places for a couple of nights at [...]