I can hear it calling, softly, softly …..

Sandalwood.... koh samui... thailand..... i can hear it softly calling. "Come, explore, relax, be spoilt, have fun, see NEW things, try NEW foods, enjoy time with the one you love and learn/experience a new culture" It won't be long now! Be sure to sign on as a follower, so you can read HOW were lucky [...]


Chacmool…… A statue with an interesting back story

Chacmool is one of the statues found at the National Gallery of Victoria that i, for many many years, wandered past, without stopping to acknowledge, ignorant of knowledge of this interesting form of artwork. All chacmools follow the same form- where the figure reclines with knees bent and the head sits facing 90 degrees from the body, [...]

What a Waste of prime position!

EACH night, at the Royal, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico the fight was on........in the main foyer of the hotel........everyone scrambled around, for those prime positions, the illusive chairs to view the nightly floor show. Each and every night the dance troupe put on an amazing display, and EVERYONE wanted to get those seats on the [...]

Planes, Trains & Automobiles…. just for a start!

    One of the fun parts of travel is that you get to go on (or at least see) the most amazing  transport methods..... just for a start, you have the standard planes, trains and automobiles....... There are the Hop on Hop Off Buses in every major town, there are Gondolas in Venice, the [...]