Peru- Sacred Valley- The night we almost star gazed

  As i mentioned in a previous post, we had the pleasure of staying in Paradise whilst in Peru, and whilst we were there we ALMOST had the opportunity to see the stars. Casa Andina Private Collection, Sacred Valley had so much to offer, and yet we had so little time there. A mere few [...]


Peru- Machu Picchu- Unlucky for some???

 This photo filled me with a brief moment of despair when we first arrived and started shooting photos. We had travelled 13 hours to Santiago Chile from Australia, then another 5 hours across to Peru, we had fought altitude sickness for days, wandered around for days wet in light spitting rain in un-glamorous plastic ponchos, [...]

Peru- Machu Picchu- Second times’ a charm

This photo makes me smile, as i still look so happy when this was taken................ even though it was the second time we hit the mountain that day. We arrived at Machu Picchu nice and early in the morning, and with our personal guide called joy ( seemed quite apt really) we had already spent [...]

Peru- Cusco Day Trip- you have to exert yourself to get the reward

 This photo makes me smile with the memory of the climb and feeling loved and supported as i did it. This photo was taken when we were still feeling a little unwell with altitude sickness. We had caught the day tour coach, and had intended to sit on the comfy seats and watch the world [...]

Day 10- farewell Peru/hello Mexico….

Sunday 8th January 2017 4am was the wake-up time, as we were leaving Cusco for sunny, ground level, Mexico this morning. Whilst Larry ( our guide throughout our trip in Peru) was trying to encourage us to take a later transfer to the airport, we on the other hand had been previously burned, what with [...]