Photo memory 12- whose idea was that?

This photo makes me smile, as i remember how beautiful this looked, and yet so impractical. We wonder whose bright idea it was to put the deck chairs IN the pool edge. We couldn't wait to try them out...... imagined ourselves sprawled our on the chairs, with our hands dipped in the pool clear water, [...]


Photo memory 11- how many times do you jump before you get it right

 This photo makes me laugh, as it remind me that sometimes you have to do something several times over, till you finally get it right. Here at an underground cave (called Ik Kil) located about 3 klm from Chichen Itza Mexico, we had the pleasure of swimming in the sink hole and for those adventurous, [...]

Photo memory 9- It was like being on a cruise without the seasickness

  This photo makes me smile with the memory of our time in Mexico. Staying at an all-inclusive spa resort like "The Royal" at Playa del Carmen was just like being on a cruise ship, without the issue of seasickness. An endless supply of food and drinks at your command day and night, a choice [...]

Photo memory 6- sometimes you don’t really know what you are seeing or learning, until later on.

This photo makes me smile as it reminds me that sometimes i am not aware of what i have the privilege of looking at (for a while) and this has bred in me, a thirst for knowledge. We took this picture on our first day  in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.  As we strolled along the [...]

Day 16- our last day in paradise

Saturday 14th Jan was our last day in paradise. It started with a sleep in, followed by breakfast at Spice. Cooked to order pancakes, filled with fresh strawberries, raspberries and covered in chocolate (for hubby, and in my caramel for me). Then toast and freshly squeezed orange juice. We then played pool in the Games [...]