Italy- Cinque Terre-Ready to face the sun

You know that Cinque Terre is going to be absolutely amazing, when you first arrive at the first town and see a face looking out to sea! The five towns on the Italian Coastline, known as Cinque Terre are full of amazing surprises................ from the hillside cafe and hill top cemetery (both in Manorola) to [...]


Italy- Florence- The dress that got left behind

 One of the hazards of travelling is making the mistake of unpacking that suitcase, when you are stopped for a few days, instead of continuing to live out of the suitcase, until you return home. During our month long trip to Europe in 2014, we stayed in many places for a couple of nights at [...]

Italy- Let’s start with the place that surprised me the most- Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre ( meaning 5 towns) is a rugged portion of the Italian Riviera, 5 towns nestled along the Mediterranean ocean and scattered along the mountain ridge. To get here, we had to leave the fast train system, and take FOUR regional trains to get here ( after the two pre-booked trains failed to show [...]