Screensaver Collection… on a special day for love

In dedication to a day of love, as i sit here watching the Royal Wedding of Harry and Meagan, i post today's screensaver as an ode to love. This photo, taken by me in 2014 at the Ponts De Art bridge ( also known as the Love Lock Bridge) is where those who are in... Continue Reading →


Screensaver Collection- Paris- the tower and the best hotel with a view!

  Whenever this screensaver comes rolling across my computer, i vividly remember standing on the little balcony of our hotel room looking at the most amazing view. Hotel Val Girard, in the 15th Arrondissement, Paris France. Memories flood back as i remember standing on the balcony, admiring the lovely wrought iron balconies on every apartment... Continue Reading →

Paris… from EVERY angle

Doesn't matter where you are in Paris, the view of the Eiffel Tower is breathtaking. From that very first moment i spotted it, (as i was being driven from the airport to our hotel), i was overwhelmed. It literally DID take my breathe away! A small gasp did escape as it came into view the... Continue Reading →

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