Chile- A little table of our own

When we found out that we were going to be celebrating New Year's Eve in Santiago Chile in 2016-2017 (and after we found out the amazing Nicole -our travel agent- had booked us into the hotel that would be hosting one of the town's biggest New Year's Eve parties), i contacted the hotel concierge from... Continue Reading →


Chile- Sightseeing, Salsa Dancing and seeing in the New Year

Chile was hot hot hot.... and the weather was great too. Above is a highlight real of our day sightseeing, and shows a few photos from the New Year's Eve Function we attended ( where we got to Salsa into the night before the fireworks really started). If you want to read more detail, hit... Continue Reading →

Day 1- First stop- Santiago, Chile

30th December 2016- After a 15 hour BUMPY flight, with little sleep behind us, we touched down in sunny Santiago, Chile. Organisation at the airport was NOT good. We lined up firstly to pay our repository fee (with absolutely everyone who got off the plane). Then after paying and getting a little receipt attached to... Continue Reading →

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