The traveller’s stylish friends… packing cubes/a carry on bag and a backpack


In 2014 my stylish friends joined me on a month’s long journey throughout Europe.

Many of my friends couldn’t believe that i would attempt the Carry On Luggage Challenge.

They questioned if i would be able to cope with such a tiny, miniature suitcase and they couldn’t believe i would be taking a near empty little backpack with me. “What will you wear, how can you take so little clothing, won’t your photos have you in the SAME outfit again and again?’ they would ask.

How can you go to the fashion capitals of Europe with just a handful of garments in a carry on bag, function well AND look stylish, they questioned???

Many of my friends doubted that the decision to “pack light” would be possible, as many could barely close their full size suitcases for just a weekend away into the City.


So was the carry on challenge worth doing- MY OATH IT WAS!

During our travels, we saw MANY tourists struggling with gigantic suitcases, husbands doing double duty as they carried their bags (and a couple we saw carrying their wives bags too) up and down stairs, down cobblestone pathways and up steep inclines, whilst hubby and i wandered past, with backpacks on and lifting our tiny little cases up when the path became to rocky to wheel them or as we found staircases.


The near empty backpack was a great idea too, as we gradually filled with knick-knacks, souvenirs,  presents for family and friends. Two backpacks worth and still we were not weighed down.

And with the help of packing cubes, my little suitcase was filled to the brim with MANY garments.

From memory, i think i packed a pair of shorts, 2 pairs of cargo pants, an evening dress, a light cardigan, heaps of t-shirts,  a couple of scarves, bathers, sandals and underwear and some nice night attire ( a welcome relief from the flannelettes in Melbourne’s winter) and i wore my bulkier garments on the plane- jeans and jacket and runners)

Every item that hit my suitcase were all old clothes that i would not blink an eye at leaving behind “new one in, old one out” rule, if room was needed, apart from the nightwear which had been brought for the occasion. (we WERE going to the most romantic place on the earth, so i did try to make an effort).

So with my small carry on bag, with all these garments packed into little packing cubes,  i think i managed to look stylish all over Europe, and i only said goodbye to one cardy and one fake leather jacket (which i could re-buy back at home anyway).

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