Grand plans for an artist on holidays

One of the most exciting parts of a journey, for an artist…… is the anticipation of inspiration!


In 2014  i was lucky enough to travel to Europe, where my husband and i would be ticking off a whole heap of bucket list items.

Yes, i would be visiting Mona, hanging out at montmartre where all the famous artists found their inspiration, and i would be hanging love-locks on the bridge above the famous Seine River and i would be walking in the garden of Monet. Hubby’s bucket list included walking the treks of Cinque Terre (Italy’s 5 lands) and sailing at sunset in Santorini.

The anticipation of what our camera would capture during this massive trip was mind-blowing…………………….. but as an artist, the thought of actually creating works of art “plein air” was very enticing. To be successful, i needed a grand plan.

First i would pack my supplies into my suitcase…..  the usual art supplies as you would expect (paper, watercolor paints and brushes) but the most interesting of items packed would be these four little bottles, a tiny little bucket and a ball of string!

As i prepared to board that plane, my excitement levels were hard to bottle up.

The grand plan……………A bottle for each special destination and dreams of creating a little something special to bring home

So our first destination was Paris, the target………. collect some water from the Seine and use it for a watercolor piece to tuck back into my suitcase.




So after my first bottle being successfully filled excitement grew. What to paint???

My next plan was to also collect water from Monet’s Lily Pond whilst in Paris, however being on a small group tour, being in constant view with the tour guide and with security at the venue i wasn’t able to fill my second bottle.

So i compromised, and created a small watercolor artwork from the seine water of Monet’s Japanese Bridge and lily pond, which was carefully stored in my luggage as i flew out of france to my next destination….. Italy.  Customs were never going to guess that i was carrying river water out of the country captured within pigment on my page.

As we flew into Venice Italy, my third bottle sounded its siren……. my little tin and string would be used once again, to capture water from the canal.

So sitting on this very bridge that stands beside our hotel (Palazzo Schiavonni) i created another little artwork piece in Venice. (if you want to see this artwork- click the link here

I also managed to find a quiet tree lined courtyard out the front of our hotel in Monterosso Al Mare Cinque Terre to create another little artwork piece  in Italy, while my hubby was literally climbing mountains.


The fourth bottle wasn’t cracked open until we left Italy and were sunning ourselves in Santorini Greece.

High on the edge of the cliff  stood our hotel, so there really wasn’t an opportunity to grab water from the mediterranean as i had first planned. My arms weren’t long enough to reach off the actual Catamaran we had the privilege of sailing on- so tap water had to suffice! The sacrifices us artists have to make for our art. lol

So while hubby spent time in the hotel’s rooftop spa soaking up the sun, i sat outside our room in the intense summer heat 42+ degrees with my paints and my little bottle of water and battled the quick drying paint as i tried to get it onto the paper. Even though the artwork piece didn’t turn out so good with the paint drying too quickly to get in ON the paper, at least i enjoyed a spectacular view.


Travel for an artist is always the start of inspiration….. in the planning, in the execution and of course, having photos of distant lands provides years of opportunities and memories.


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