Italy- Florence- The dress that got left behind

8.f. One of the hazards of travelling is making the mistake of unpacking that suitcase, when you are stopped for a few days, instead of continuing to live out of the suitcase, until you return home.

During our month long trip to Europe in 2014, we stayed in many places for a couple of nights at a time, moving frequently. During part of our trip we had the pleasure of visiting Florence for 2 nights and then we stopped for 5 whole nights in Cinque Terre.

Florence , firstly known as the home of the famous Statue of David by Michelangelo,  and secondly known as one of the fashion capitals of Italy.

During our two days in Florence, as well as visiting the Accademia where David lives,  i had the pleasure of  checking out the many fashion designer stores and Michael was encouraging me to purchase a beautiful dress for myself.

After visiting several stores, i found a lovely casual dress, that i could dress up for the evening, or dress down for an afternoon of sunshine, featuring a beautiful floral design, reminiscent of the stunning sunflowers that Florence and Tuscany is renowned for.

With my very own “Florence Fashion Dress” tucked into my suitcase, we bid farewell to David, and the multiple of designer dress shops and headed through Pisa and then onto the 5 small towns of the Cinque Terre.

Upon arrival at Monterosso Al Mare, we unpacked, as we would be staying in one hotel for 5 whole nights………. talk about Bliss.

Little did i realise that unpacking would cost me my dress!

I decided to wear it out for a romantic moonlight dinner on our first night in Monterosso Al Mare, Cinque Terre and sadly that would be the one and only time that i would get to wear it.

With the super-moon glowing in the background,  we dined on fine italian food, and drank chianti wine – we posed for pictures, and i enjoyed the carafe of white wine whilst Michael enjoyed the carafe of red……………and i felt absolutely beautiful in my Fashion Designer’s dress that night.

The next morning, the dress that had been carelessly thrown, was hung up with care in the back of the cupboard and that was the last time i saw it.

After a wonderful few days in Cinque Terre, we headed off to Siena, then on to Rome, we then flew into Athens, Greece and it was not until we flew onto the island Santorini that i went looking for the dress again.

We had booked into a fancy restaurant on the Island, so i went looking for the beautiful dress to wear out again!

And that is when i realised that i had left it behind, in the cupboard, in the back, in the little hotel in Cinque Terre, Italy after our first romantic evening there.

I am lucky that we at least took a picture of me, at dinner, in the super-moon moonlight so i have at least a image of me in my Florence fashion dress…. the one dress that got left behind.

Lesson learned. From then on, living out of a suitcase would remain the ONLY way i travel.



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