Chile- A little table of our own


When we found out that we were going to be celebrating New Year’s Eve in Santiago Chile in 2016-2017 (and after we found out the amazing Nicole -our travel agent- had booked us into the hotel that would be hosting one of the town’s biggest New Year’s Eve parties), i contacted the hotel concierge from Melbourne, to ask to reserve our seats at the Big Masquerade Ball.

The last thing we wanted to do, would be to touch down the night before, to settle in and find ourselves without a place to go for the biggest night of the year!

Given it would be the hotel’s busiest nights, and the demand would be great, so we were told by return email that we could attend, but would need to be placed on a table for 10.

So we flew into Santiago Chile on 30th December, and the morning of the 31st  i tried to pay for our event tickets, only to be told that they were busy and it would be fine, we could pay after the event- as we were guests staying at the hotel.

So we took the hop on/hop off bus tour and then late afternoon we returned to the hotel and got ourselves ready for the massive event that would soon start.

Downstairs we went, lined up to have our names ticked off the list and to get our entrance bands, only to find we weren’t on the table listing, at all!

Panic set in for a moment, no proof of payment………. and no name on the entrance list…………and then i pulled out the copy of the confirmation email ( luckily i am neurotic, and had printed and brought a copy of it with me from Melbourne).

The Hotel realised the mistake was made by them, and we were escorted, not to a table of ten non-english speaking people- but to our own little table for two, for the beginning of a magical night, New Year’s night.


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