What a Waste of prime position!

EACH night, at the Royal, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico the fight was on……..in the main foyer of the hotel……..everyone scrambled around, for those prime positions, the illusive chairs to view the nightly floor show.

Each and every night the dance troupe put on an amazing display, and EVERYONE wanted to get those seats on the main floor, especially given that’s where the bar staff came to serve you the never-ending cocktails throughout the performances.

The chairs were the place to be, each night!

For those not so fast, those poor chairless ………..well they were relegated to the sidelines, sitting on the walking ramps and on the staircase or simply standing in the background against the walls, and  those poor souls had to wander over to the bar for their own drinks ………. defeated and straining to see the troupe dance as they perform somersaults, and trapezes movements, tangoed and danced all sorts of styles.


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There was however, another class of people there at the Royal during our stay…. apart from the “lucky chairpeople”, and the “poor chairless”.

“The inconsiderate”- those who found a lucky break there in PRIME POSITION, got themselves seated nice and comfy, ………………….and the slept through the performances!


WHY, WHY, WHY……………. is all i can think. This man was a sleeper.

No, this wasn’t a fluke photo where i caught the man mid-blink, he actually slept through the entire performance. How annoying!


We only managed to find prime position spots a couple of the nights that we were there. After a few nights relegated to the back, sitting on stairs, leaning against the walls, we made it to the floor to watch stunning tango performances with a never ending supply of cocktails.



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