Peru- Sacred Valley- The night we almost star gazed


As i mentioned in a previous post, we had the pleasure of staying in Paradise whilst in Peru, and whilst we were there we ALMOST had the opportunity to see the stars.

Casa Andina Private Collection, Sacred Valley had so much to offer, and yet we had so little time there. A mere few hours overnight. We had arrived very late afternoon and Michael would be leaving at 5am the next morning to catch the hiker’s train to Machu Picchu and i would be leaving around 7.30am to catch the stunning Vistadome Train that would wind through the beautiful mountain ranges to Aguas Calientes ( the small town at the foot of Machu Picchu.)

So with very little time we tried to see as much of the hotel facilities as we could.

Hammocks swayed as people lay watching the clouds drift by, the pool and gym beckoned the sports nuts, people hung out at the bar and milled around the open fire as night fell and we ALMOST went star gazing.

We were told upon check in, that a planetarium tour (in English) was available at 9pm if we were interested………… so after dinner we found a cash machine in the foyer, withdrew the USD cash we needed and headed to the reception to pay for the star gazing.

We got there, only to be told that “the man who usually points out the stars wouldn’t be coming tonight” mumbling something about clouds.

We laughed as we realised a misunderstanding had taken place…… we thought the planetarium would be like ours here in Melbourne – you know,  you go inside of a building and see a visual display of the stars on the roof etc…. but the staff at the reception desk staff, with limited english, gave us the impression that we would be simply standing outside in the cold night air with a peruvian man pointing at the sky………… we laughed and called it a night.


So Michael got up at 5am the next morning, had breakfast and headed off to catch the early train, whilst the sun was still hiding.

I got up and had breakfast at 6.30am and had just enough time to have a quick wander around the grounds, the idea was to take a few snaps of paradise before my transfer came to pick me up to take me to the Vistadome Railway station.

Guess what was tucked away in the corner…. the planetarium building…. lol

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