Planes, Trains & Automobiles…. just for a start!



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One of the fun parts of travel is that you get to go on (or at least see) the most amazing  transport methods….. just for a start, you have the standard planes, trains and automobiles…….

There are the Hop on Hop Off Buses in every major town, there are Gondolas in Venice, the funny little three wheeled cars and the reconverted motor bikes in Peru, bike buggies taking you from the museums to the Champs elysees in Paris, you can ride bicycles at the water park in Mexico whilst wearing bathers ( not a good look for a 50 year old), and of course, you can have river cruises on the Seine.

There are sailboats in Santorini where you can have a BBQ on board, go for a scuba dive, lie in the sun on the fishing nets and watch the sunset, or jet boats that take you from Venice to Burano to check out the glass making and of course, cruise ships are absolutely amazing- floating hotels/shops/casinos… basically.

Then there are really unusual transport methods like the funicular up the hill in Santiago Chile to ride the sky rail, the vistadome train through Peru, the fast train from Venice to Florence and all the way down to Rome, and ferries taking you between the towns of Cinque Terre.

I hope that this blog inspires your next holiday, and you get to find planes, trains, automobiles and all manner of other forms of transport.


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