Santorini….. sunsets, sailing and sickness

One day i wish to return to the Greek Islands, to get the chance to get it right, as all started to decay on the isle of Santorini!

By the time we had the pleasure of visiting Santorini in 2014, we had been travelling for over 3 weeks………… we had travelled throughout Paris and ticked off SO MANY of MY bucket list items………….. i visited the Mona Lisa, hung out at Montmarte, i danced beside the Seine, we placed our very own love-lock on the Ponts De Arts Bridge near the Louvre, and i caught the elevator to the top of the Eiffel Tower, where i received my original vow ring back and i re-declared my love. So many bucket list items of mine!

After a whirl-wind week in Paris we had travelled all over Italy (from Venice, Florence, Pisa, Cinque Terre, Siena and Rome) ticking off more and more bucket lists items as we went….. We rode the Gondola, we cast our eye on the magnificent Statute of David, we posed with the Leaning Tower, and we trekked between the towns at Cinque Terre. Bucket List…. tick, tick, tick…….

And then finally after a couple of days in Athens Greece, it was finally time to fly into Santorini to tick off hubby’s MAIN bucket list item- we finally got to the part of the trip where he chose his one true bucket list item, his dream come true… board a sail boat in Santorini and watch the sunset.

Whilst we DID board the booked sail boat, and we did watch the sunset, our time in Santorini fell short. Reality did not meet expectation, and decay started it creep in during this portion of our trip.

The bucket was not full of love and happiness in Santorini…… 3 weeks of travelling, exhausting 8 hr days of sightseeing and the kind sole on the plane who spread their germs coughing and spluttering everywhere actually ended up filling the bucket with sickness for me.

Flu took over, chills and fever ravaged and hubby’s idea of romance in Santorini was thrown away. I spent the majority of the 4 days on Santorini in bed sick, whilst hubby stayed around the hotel and didn’t get to visit much of the island. The only time i ventured away from the hotel, was to grab a meal for dinner and to board the sail boat.

Burning up with fever did ensure that i looked flushed and hot ( and not so bad) during photos… it was just a shame i felt like hell, hot sweaty and trembling with fever.

Santorini is a such beautiful place, and i feel sad that we just never really experienced it as we SHOULD have. Such a missed opportunity and i was so upset that my illness put a dampener on hubby experiencing his bucket list properly.

One day i really hope to return, to island hop from Mykonos to the other islands, and make sure that we returned to experience Santorini as it should have been experienced in the first place, in good health and with love in our hearts and heads.

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