Italy- Rome- Fancy sleeping in a fountain?

One of the best parts of travelling, is to find the little gems, the unexpected and to come home with a story.

Whilst my trip to Europe was not the “trip of a lifetime” story that i had initially dreamed it was going to be, the blogging of my adventures most recently has been wonderful-  as it has afforded me the opportunity for a little therapy, a chance to actively look for positive memories of the trip, to re-visit my holiday snaps and to remember how lucky i really was.

One of the best memories of our Europe trip was sleeping in a fountain. Yes, you read that correctly….. when in Rome, we did like the romans…. we slept in a real, working fountain…. the Moses Fountain.

It was on one of the main roads, in the heart of the city, a short walk to the train station and with views of the Government Offices. The tourist buses even stop in front of the fountain, for the tourists to take their photos. It wasn’t as impressive looking as the Trevi Fountain, but our hotel was at least a working fountain at the time we visited (as the trevi had been drained and was being repaired when we were in Rome in Sept 2014).

You entered the hotel via a side wooden door that you wouldn’t even notice unless you were told to look for it, you climb two sets of steps to reach the main entrance door of the accommodation rooms that were hidden at the back of the fountain, up another two sets of stairs, and then you finally find the front door to your apartment. As i always tell people who are travelling in Europe- there are stairs everywhere!


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The apartment was lovely, roomy but the only weird thing that springs to mind now (apart from it being inside a fountain, that is) was the space-ship styled bathroom shower. Not only where you standing in a circular room, where you enjoyed water and steam showering, you also got to view the traffic below, thanks to the peephole window right in the middle of the shower.

Needless to say, me, i showered on the floor of the circular room, as i had no intention of peeping at traffic as i washed myself and i was pretty sure the traffic didn’t want to peep at me either!


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