Another memory….. prompted on a daily basis


Back in early 2014 we noticed this wonderful artwork piece in an art store at our local shopping centre, and i remember mentioning how lovely the painting was………….. i loved the course texture of the paint and of course i loved the fact it had the Eiffel Tower in it….. but i thought it funny that the artist would ruin a perfectly good painting of Paris -by putting a tram dead centre in the picture!

I got that the artist might add the good old fashioned horse and cart, as that is romance personified… but a tram… Since when did Paris have Melbourne Trams?

Hubby offered to purchase the artwork for me, as he knew i was excited about our upcoming trip to Paris at the end of 2014, but i declined, as that painting made absolutely no sense to me…. come on,  a tram ?!?! No thanks, i’ll pass on the painting.

So August came along, we hopped on the plane and jet setted off to the city of love.

One of our planned days in Paris, we did a walking tour of the city, from the foot of the Arc de triomphe, along the seine, past the Little and Grand Palaces, past the Louvre, we checked out Notre Dame Cathedral, Saint Chapelle Church and we wandered across to the Ponts de Arts Bridge (The love-lock bridge) to leave our own little momento in Paris.

On another day, we headed to Saint Germaine Area and wandered down to the River edge and participated in the Dancing by the Seine festival that takes place every August, and then after a full day of walking, we settled ourselves at a little french cafe for a light meal as the sunset…… and what should we see but….



At the time we laughed and commented that the artist knew more than we had known, and we stood formally corrected. lol

And as a special Christmas surprise, in 2016, i was given the artwork shown above. Hubby knew i liked the painting back in 2014, and now that we knew that trams DO run in the streets of Paris, it was a perfect gift to capture a special memory of our trip.

Now i have the pleasure each morning of gazing upon it…… bringing me back to the memory of my vin blanc (white wine) and the yummy baguette au fromage (crusty bread filled with cheese) that we enjoyed at that little cafe on the corner in Saint Germain in the 6th arrondissement.

Having those little mementos to transport you back to a time and place that warms your heart is the best part of the travel experience.


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