Capturing a memory- to keep forever….


When travelling, you experience all types of things……. some are special, some sad, some catch you by surprise, and sometimes things happen that are just plain funny………….. and those surprising or funny little antidotes you simply NEVER want to forget.

When we travelled to Venice in September 2014, a little piece of me was left behind……. and i kind of feel warm and fuzzy about it.  A little piece of me is STILL  in Venice, today, in 2017 and i assume it will remain there until the canal is drained dry ( which is highly unlikely given the place is known to be sinking in even more water)!



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So the story goes…….We flew into Venice at night, we caught a private water taxi from the airport to the door of our hotel (Palazzo schiavoni) and as the taxi driver lifted my small suitcase from the taxi to the street ramp, the handle of my bag broke, and whilst we managed to grab my bag in time, my luggage tag fell into the canal….. and there it stays today, in the murky depths of the canal!

We managed to find the screw from the handle, i borrowed a screwdriver from the hotel concierge, and fixed my bag…. but the luggage tag, with my name, address and itinerary remained firmly at the bottom of the canal.

To remember this funny little story, during our stay in Venice, i took the opportunity to spend an afternoon by myself on the bridge that stood right outside our hotel, where i unpacked my paints (that i purchased in Paris) and i painted a small artwork of the canal ( see the painting shown on my scrapbooking page in the photo montage above).

We also have a large artwork that my husband purchased as a gift for me, back in Melbourne , that was given to me for christmas. He purchased it as he thought i would like a painting of Venice.

But  the funny thing is, the beautiful large artwork piece that he picked out really does remind me of the water taxi ramp, the canal and my luggage tag every time i walk past it. The painting doesn’t just remind me, it shows the taxi ramp, the canal, the walkway right beside the hotel…..

We have been lucky enough to purchase a few original artwork pieces and little mementos during our travels, and each and every time i walk past them, i am drawn back to the time i was there holidaying and feel a warm glow as the memories flood back.



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