Want to visit South America? Our agent knows the BEST hotels to stay at.


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Nicole from Destination HQ in Beaumaris was responsible for almost all the stunning, beautiful, amazing places we stayed, whilst visiting South America.

From the first hotel we visited in Santiago Chile – Hotel Plaza San Francisco – the moment we entered the foyer, we just knew we had put our faith in the right person!

We were staying in Chile for New Year’s Eve, and the hotel she suggested was actually hosting one of the biggest functions in town. A Black & White Ball, with those great masquerade masks and salsa music… plus it also provided the best vantage point to view the fireworks, just outside the main doors- so what can i say….. the best way to spend New Year’s Eve!

After a wonderful few days in Chile, we flew to Peru and Nicole had us staying at the Casa Andina Private Collection Chain of hotels. ( a great way to get discount and the perfect way to get an upgrade or two).

Our first stop was Casa Andina Cusco, in the heart of town, and a short walk to the main town square and all the tourist shops. With an upgrade to a superior room, a cave style room no less, our first stop in Peru was pretty amazing.

The second stop in Peru was at Casa Andina Sacred Valley, and wow… talk about heaven. Fresh air, mountain views, a built in star observatory, open fireplace in the main hall where you could sit and enjoy a wine and hammocks on the grass to just lie upon and watch the clouds flow past.

The final Casa Andina Aguas Calientes ( the small town at the mouth of Machu Picchu).    A small hotel nestled between the railway line and the fast flowing river…. boasting stunning views of the river as you sat to eat your breakfast in the restaurant, and also from your room or balcony.

But the peace d resistance of the whole trip was booked in by Nicole at our request, as it was selected by my husband, as a special treat for us for our 30th Wedding Anniversary….. Mexico………. The Royal……… in Playa del Carmen, about an hour from Cancun.

Simply stunning….. pinch yourself to see if you are dreaming….. check in with a glass of champagne in hand styled hotel !

An Adults only, all inclusive – that’s all you can eat AND drink (apart from Lobster) hotel- that’s EVERYTHING you can see, think or imagine…… you can have !  A never ending always refilling mini bar in the room, to hold your hand up at the pool and they deliver you a cocktail style hotel.

So if i have #inspiredyournextholiday  then get in touch with Destination HQ to see what they can do for you!





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