Paris… from EVERY angle

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Doesn’t matter where you are in Paris, the view of the Eiffel Tower is breathtaking.

From that very first moment i spotted it, (as i was being driven from the airport to our hotel), i was overwhelmed. It literally DID take my breathe away! A small gasp did escape as it came into view the very first time.

I simply couldn’t believe that i was on the other side of the world, and was seeing “The Eiffel Tower”- that most famous landmark- the symbol of love.

Our hotel was walking distance to The Tower- so that’s the first thing we did upon arrival in Paris. We threw our bags into our hotel room, and headed straight there.

It didn’t matter that we had been travelling for over 26 hours at that stage and were exhausted and jetlagged with very little sleep and at the time i was unaware that depression was near at the time – we were in Paris and i was determined to stand beneath the Tower with the love of my life…………. so we walked with map in hand until we arrived, beneath the tower.

There, i got directly below the four arches of the tower, and i kissed the man i loved and told him just that! And then i took my most favourite photo of my entire trip….. the one where i confessed my love. It is my most prized travel photo.

During our whole stay in Paris, i had the privilege to declare my love beneath it, to stand upon it, to eat a meal in it’s restaurant, to ride the lift to the top floor, to purchase a bottle of perfume from the gift shop at the top  (where else could you possibly by REAL french perfume than ON the Eiffel Tower??) and i cast my eye upon it twinkling on the hour from 10pm to midnight from both my hotel room and from a river cruise.

So i have experienced the Eiffel Tower from every possible angle and loved every moment of it.



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