Enjoying our own backyard

Mornington_Peninsula_Map It’s surprising how many people don’t enjoy all that’s on offer in their own back yards. As i mentioned on a previous post, you don’t have to pay for expensive flights to travel. Sometimes all it takes is a sense of adventure and your car keys.

We recently moved to Frankston, known as the gateway to the Mornington Peninsula, and have been spending our weekends out and about, enjoying this wonderful part of Victoria.

We have visited the Mornington Peninsula before, in fact as a child, my family spent many years at a holiday house in Rye… but my return visits recently showcase the Peninsula in a whole new light, now that i am no longer a child.

A walk down memory lane saw us visit Arthur’s Seat… and wow how much has that place changed! From the old rickety chair lift, that scared the life out of me as it rattled over the towers as a child to the new slick Eagle that we rode the other week…


The view is still stunning, the ride much more enjoyable and feels so much more professional and SAFE now.

For those wanting to take in the view morning, noon and at nightfall, a stay at “Arthur’s Views”, is highly recommended. We stayed here a few years ago (in 2013).


For those who like a glass of white or red occasionally, the Mornington Peninsula is full of opportunities.

Last weekend we headed to a lovely winery called Ten Minutes by Tractor where we enjoyed a lovely wine tasting.

Ten Minutes by Tractor in Red Hill has a fine restaurant, but unfortunately time was against us after spending time earlier up at Arthur’s Seat, so that has been put on our ‘must go back to” list. So we just enjoyed the sampling of delicious wines and bought a few bottles to enjoy at home with friends (but we drew the line at buying their boutique wines in test tubes for that single shot glass of wine- it simply isn’t right to buy by the tube rather than bottle). lol

But for the ultimate Mornington Peninsula experience, you can’t go past spending the day at Peninsula Hot Springs!

Today we had that pleasure.  With perfect weather (cool, overcast, a chance of rain, but not a drop) we spent the day submerged in relaxing warm springs ranging from 36degrees to close to 40 degrees.

Hill-Top-Pool-Sunrise-4-Peninsula-Hot-Springs-620x266PHSgullypoolstwilightPeninsula-Hot-Springs---Lakeside-poolreflexology walk

Wrapped in thick warm white bath robes, we wander from warm spring pool to another warm spring pool, we forgo the underground caves to lie in as it was a little crowded, we walk through the reflexology path, tip-toeing as we navigate the small sharp stones (ouch) and the smooth rounded stones, and we then work our way to the top of the site, where we sit in 40 degree water and  take in the views of the nearby golf course and the views of the ocean in the distance, as we gaze upon the magestic Mornington Peninsula from the top of the mountain.

All this, a 40 minute drive from our new home- so basically, in our backyard!

Inspiring YOUR next holiday can be as simple as checking your local map, finding out if there are places nearby that you haven’t been to yet, or haven’t been to in quite a while, and then grabbing your car keys. Who knows… repeat visits may unearth upgrades you weren’t expecting to find or unearth things to add to your ” we must go back here AND  invite my friend too” list.




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