Paris- Was it more than dancing by the Seine?

20140830_195318 When researching for our upcoming trip to Paris in 2014,  i stumbled across a news article about the free dancing lessons that take place every August, beside the River Seine- and i dreamed there and then, to participate.

There would be nothing better than slow dancing with the man i loved, as the sun set over the River Seine, while the Eiffel Tower sparkled with glittery lights in the background.

So on our 4th day in Paris, we caught the train system from the 15th Arrondissement to the 5th, so we could Dance on the banks of the Port Saint-Bernard, and i got to experience a dream come true!

We danced a samba with everyone else, (we didn’t know the steps, but we had a go and laughed with pleasure at our attempt) and then we stopped to watch, we took a couple of videos and a few quick photographs of the event…………… but it wasn’t until my return to Australia and a year or so later, when i could look at the photos, did i realise that i might have captured more than i realised.

So picture this…… a young man………. a young girl…………… in the city of love……….in Paris- (the town EVERY girl dreams of going to, with the one she loves)….. and there you are, surrounded by beautiful music and couples dancing beside the Seine, as the summer afternoon merged into the evening and just before the sun set.

There’s only ONE thing that could surpass that feeling of delight……….  that being the feeling of OMG, the heart flickers quickly and your hand comes up to your face- as you see your partner start to bend the knee. (So did you see it? In the photo- bottom left corner- What do you think? )

Now maybe he was just dancing funny moves and she is just pissing herself laughing at him……… or maybe just,  i just captured something completely special in the city of love.

Me, i would like to think it was the latter! I have always been i big old romantic softy.






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