In the footsteps of your favourite movie






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One of the most exciting parts of travelling, is when you are home, relaxing and the penny drops.

You put one of your favourite movies on, for say, the 50th time…….and then the reality hits- OMG I’ve been there!

I have a few movies that i regularly watch, and i am so lucky to say, that i have walked in the same footsteps as the actresses and actors in quite a few of them, and have the pictures to prove it.

UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN……..Above you can see the quick photo we took, without really thinking about it, whilst on our day trip from Rome along the Amalfi Coast….. we stopped and took a quick shot, only to realise later that very same spot is where Frances goes to meet with Marcello in Under the Tuscan Sun………..and the penny drops.

And of course, this wasn’t the ONLY place in the movie that we walked the same path…. When Frances travels to Rome she gets off the bus right in front of the Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II. Yep, that’s me standing on the very steps. Another OMG moment!






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Another Country… Another Movie







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The opening scene of the movie…… yes, the penny drops again…..we had the pleasure to visit Monet’s Garden whilst in Paris in 2014 and i stood on the very same Japanese Bridge. Probably should have taken the moment to get the romantic kiss too. Damn.






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In Paris, i also walked beside the River Seine, just as Gill had done in the movie……….. but i topped his little old stroll- i fished for river water while i was there, and got to actually paint special watercolor artwork whilst in Paris and i also danced a Salsa with the other Parisians as the sun set along the river. So extra points for my river walk.





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We also walked in the Gardens of The Palace of Versailles, just like the whole cast did- but we also went inside and checked out ALL of the Palace- simply stunning…. brain overload… you can only process so many precious artworks, gold gilding and magnificent statues in the one day. 

And of course we cast an eye on the stunning Seine at night, with the Eiffel Tower glowing from 10pm to midnight with millions of sparkling lights…. no wonder they call it The city of Lights and of course we sat at many a cafe- enjoying a croissant, a macaroon and a coffee and don’t get me started on the bread and cheese and wine!


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But the most important thing to remember in all of this is…………………. you don’t HAVE to get on a plane to walk in the footsteps of your favourite movie…. sometimes you can do it, around the corner from your own home…

SHALL WE DANCE is a prime example of that.






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I have watched that movie a million times, and each Tuesday and Thursday i get to dance in the footsteps of Jennifer and Richard, dancing Waltz, Tango, Samba, Salsa and lots of other dances.  Now if i can just work out how to get Richard Gere down to my local dance studio, i think i would be in heaven. lol

So now, i look forward to seeing even more movies, and waiting for a NEW penny to drop.




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