A Melbourne bite- The Great Ocean Road

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Some of my previous posts have featured the wonderful times i have had overseas… yet there are SO MANY amazing places in your OWN backyard, so i have decided to occasionally post a “Melbourne Bite” to inspire those in Australia to get out and have some fun locally too.

Apollo Bay, on the Great Ocean Road was a wonderful way to spend Easter in 2016.

Our first stop along the way was Carisbrook Creek- a MUST STOP along the roadside.

A whole beach full of rock stacking formations. Almost every car stops along the road, the people get out, climb down the embankment and leave their own little mark- A little stone from one pile, a second from another pile, and repeat……… and there you go, another stack is created.

If you want stunning accommodation, we would recommend Seafarer’s Getaway, a beautiful hotel featuring stunning ocean views from your room. Watching the sunset from your room- very romantic.

Entertainment- we booked a massage from the local spa resort- a beautiful way to spend an afternoon together, and then we wrecked it all by climbing up Marriners Lookout- great view of the town, but the body was no longer calm and relaxed.  (We recommend you do it in the reverse order. lol)

A spot of shopping, checking out the craft and farmer’s market on the foreshore and of course, the local pub provided delicious meals at dinnertime.

But i would have to say, the HIGHLIGHT of our trip to Apollo Bay was at the 12 Apostles…………… but not from the tourist viewing platforms we had been to before…

If you get a chance, we would recommend that you check out the 12 Apostles helicopters service. (It wasn’t as expensive as you would think- $145 per person for a 15 min London Bridge flight ). And the views- SPECTACULAR!

I hope you have enjoyed this local Melbourne bite for a change, and i hope i #inspireyournextholiday. Be sure to sign on as a follower and don’t forget to go check out my facebook page link.


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  1. For those interested, the scenic flight (the London Bridge Flight) costs around $145 per person for a 15 minute flight .


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