Italy- Let’s start with the place that surprised me the most- Cinque Terre

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Cinque Terre ( meaning 5 towns) is a rugged portion of the Italian Riviera, 5 towns nestled along the Mediterranean ocean and scattered along the mountain ridge.

To get here, we had to leave the fast train system, and take FOUR regional trains to get here ( after the two pre-booked trains failed to show up).

The area is full of tourists who in their madness decide to ignore the ferry and the train services provided and hike between each village, for fun!

We suffered the same fate whilst we were there, but i am so glad we surrendered to the madness. I knew we would be doing at least one trek, i had trained for it in the lead up to the holiday.

The grand plan, for me, was to do the most easiest of hikes if i could ( the one from Riomaggorie to Manarola)- known as the Path D’Amor “the lover’s path”.

This one would be fully paved, an easy 45 minute stroll with opportunities to leave love-locks along the way and we could pose in a love-seat- but it was closed due to rock slides.

The second hardest trek was also closed during out time there, so here’s where i surprised myself …… me, alone, trekked for over TWO hours, up a mountain, in the middle of the day, in the heat, from the seaside village of Vernazza to Corniglia.

I learned so much about myself and what i was capable of on that mountain climb. I started with doubt and ended the trek with a new belief about who i was and what i could complete when i believed in myself.

To my greatest surprise, i DID manage to climb the mountain, and once i got to the top, i did what every other warm-blooded woman would do………… i shopped for a little souvenir for myself.

And as i descended the steps to the train station i even managed to purchase a little original artwork from a local artist.

It should have read “i Made it to Corniglia lol

I hope you have enjoyed my walk along memory lane in Cinque Terre and i hope i #inspireyournextholiday. Be sure to check out my facebook page link.


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