Starting again…… note the new name, and enjoy the new direction!



back to the start

How exciting, i have gone right back to the start and decided to re-tweak this whole site …….. so you might have noticed a BIG difference…. OMG- we have a new name and we are changing direction and opening this site right up!

Adventures in South America has changed its name to Caroline’s Travel Blog and our NEW MOTTO for this blogsite,  is “inspiring YOUR next holiday“.  On this new site, you can still pick a country from the Menu above and you can read all about MY adventure in that country…….. an open and honest and sometimes humorous look back at my time there and hopefully you will be inspired to buy a flight there too.

I have been so very lucky to have visited many wonderful places on this planet……….hang on, let me rephrase that………….  i have had the pleasure- (NOT through luck- but through hard work, saving every penny and having an attitude that is open to adventure) to have ventured to places i have always wanted to visit and i have also visited places i knew nothing about and have been surprised and delighted by the experience.

I decided to tweak this site, as i loved blogging about my South America Trip and now i am between trips and bored.  lol.

I have had quite a lot of positive feedback from my readers, so i wanted to expand the site to cover my previous trip to Europe ( which i did not blog about in 2014 due to sad circumstances that followed that spectacular trip) and cover future trips.

So while i wait for my next scheduled adventure to Koh Samui (in September 2017)  i can walk down memory lane in Europe, and then when i get back in October- i can take a blog path through Indonesia.

There are SO MANY amazing place on this planet- my aim is to tell you about the ones i have experienced and hopefully it will inspire you to grab a ticket and to go there too!

So…………….. if you are in the mood to be inspired…………………if you want to dream and plan and then go on your OWN adventure, let me #inspireyournextholiday.

So Log on as a follower, check out the old posts on Chile, Peru and Mexico in the menu at the top of the page, sign up for your email prompt to come and read about Paris, Italy,  and Greece until i get back from Ko Samui after September.





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