Photo memory 15- The fish that got away

maximo laura tpaestries
Maximo Laura- Traditional Peruvian Tapestries

This photo makes me smile as i remember the brightness of Peru, and sad at the same time, as we had hoped to bring some of the brightness back to Australia with us- but our fish got away.

Throughout our journey in Peru we saw a LOT of tapestries.  We fell in love with the bright, colorful hand woven tapestries and we wanted to bring one home to our brand new house…. but the trouble was, we could only find thin machine-quality ones that we didn’t want to buy, or thick rich handmade tapestries made by the famous Peruvian artist Maximo (that had maximum price tags- too expensive for us).

Aguas_Calientes_Peru_40      inhabitants-of-one-of-uros-floating-islands-in-lake-titicaca-peru-bcwy7k

We almost found one that was perfect, in a little “specialty” shop next to our hotel. It sold beautiful hand-made alpaca  items. Here i purchased a stunning alpaca cardigan with hand embroidered flowers on it, and there in the corner was a beautiful wall tapestry.

It was a Maximo Inspired piece, not an original, it was handcrafted by the shop keepers aging mother, it was the first wall hanging we had seen that really called us to buy it, and we started the bartering game, as you do while travelling.

We had two full days to play, and the shop keeper appeared to play the game too….. we called out a price as we walked past, he counter balanced with another price, a bit lower as he went.

we really thought we would end the game and be bringing a stunning souvenir from the mountain for our home by the beach……. but on the last day the shop was shut  as we made our way past it to go to the train station, and our fish sadly got away.




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