Peru- Machu Picchu- Unlucky for some???

20170106_101952 This photo filled me with a brief moment of despair when we first arrived and started shooting photos.

We had travelled 13 hours to Santiago Chile from Australia, then another 5 hours across to Peru, we had fought altitude sickness for days, wandered around for days wet in light spitting rain in un-glamorous plastic ponchos, and there we were, standing with our private guide on one of the new wonders of the world, Machu Picchu …….and we could barely see anything.

My heart sunk, as we stood there with mist enveloping the entire site.

This day, was to be the highlight our of whole South America Trip, the main reason we were there, to stand on the sacred site and marvel at its wonder… and there we were mid-morning, after queuing for ages to catch the bus up the mountain, to see very little.

Unlucky for some, one would think…….. but then god was kind.

We did our 2 hour trek around the site with our guide, we stopped for lunch in the little cafe near the main entrance while our guide returned down the mountain in the bus, and then it happened……………. the miracle.

The mist lifted…………… and we were able to use our tickets to enter another time, and we saw Machu Picchu in all its glory




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