Photo memory 11- how many times do you jump before you get it right

16003190_10154873786492354_8241816004643455235_n This photo makes me laugh, as it remind me that sometimes you have to do something several times over, till you finally get it right.

Here at an underground cave (called Ik Kil) located about 3 klm from Chichen Itza Mexico, we had the pleasure of swimming in the sink hole and for those adventurous, cliff jumping from the 5 metre platform into the cavernous water was available.

Here is where i proved my inability to capture a decent photo of hubby as he jumped from the cliff.

He had queued up patiently with the hundred of others, given me the thumbs up sign to say he was all set to go, jumped safe in the knowledge that i would capture the evidence……… only to find that i missed it.

Queue again, signal again…………. missed AGAIN.

Luckily third time was finally the charm (moving film of the jump captured on HIS phone to ensure i actually captured something other than a splash of water).

Then our time was almost up………………. so it was a quick climb down the rope ladder for me, have a splash around until i noticed the catfish swimming beside me, and a quick departure from the water.

Then we headed back up to the top of the sink hole, changed back into our normal clothes and then back onto our tour bus.



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