Peru- Machu Picchu- steps

This was to the right of a photo i posted on a previous blog post ….and why i looked so happy ………….. after this climb i was at the exit.

This photo reminds me of what travelling is REALLY all about. Reward for effort.

I usually start my photo memory series with “This photo makes me smile….” but not today. I don’t smile warm and bubbly with the memory of this photo, ………….i just nod and think yep, you see a LOT of steps when you away from home and away from your normal day to day routine.

Steps are a BIG part of travel i have found over the years. When i see steps i think of all the amazing sights that awaited me at the top and remember the relief i felt at the bottom once more. Being unfit and afraid of heights was a big barrier to getting the rewards………… but if you put the effort in, and you climb the stairs….WHAT A REWARD YOU GET.

I recon i could post a photo of every place i have ever visited (in both Europe and now South America), and in each and every special photo i now have in my possession involved climbing stairs of some sort, be them crisp and safe with the beloved arm rail to hold, to the rickety, slippery & rocky, right down to the downright breathtakingly steep scary type, i have seen and climbed most of them. Slow and steady was my technique, but i did put the effort in.

From my very first tourist stair climb inside the Arc de Triumph in Paris, to the white-washed stairs all over the cliffs of Santorini and now the rocky steep stairs at Peru’s Machu Picchu, i have been tested and passed.

Even though my legs have ached with the climb and my legs shook with the height, the reward for effort has been truly amazing.

I have stood on top of the Arc De Triumph and photographed Paris (with the Tower and Sacre Couer in the background), i have stunning clifftop shots of the white-washed buildings beside the Mediterranean Sea in Santorini, and i have stood on the top of the mountains in the Sacred Valley in Peru. REWARD for EFFORT.



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