Photo memory 8- little reminders of those we lost

15826482_10154849097707354_6698344795626161710_n This photo would have to be my most favourite photo from my entire trip to South America and it makes me smile every time i see it!

This photo was taken on the other side of the world to where i live, and yet there behind me is a blatant reminder of my dear mother who passed away in 2012.

How random for there to be a young girl standing in this photo, miles from my home, in the middle of a major tourist site, knitting!

I didn’t notice her at the time, as we were rushed as this photo was being taken…. “quick back on the bus, we’re about to leave without you” i was told, so i quickly paid my 2 Euro, grabbed the shot on our camera and we were off. It all happened so fast, it now seems a shame that i didn’t get the pleasure of realising it at the time.

It wasn’t until my return to Melbourne and work, with a number of my precious photos as my screensaver at work, that i sat there and then suddenly the yellow popped into my sight and i nearly fell off my chair. A beautiful reminder of my mum, in Peru with me.

My mother loved knitting and anytime i see wool, or hand knitted garments, or knitted toys i am reminded of my mum.

She was rarely seen without her needles, which with love, created many a treasure. Stripy jumpers were her favourite thing to make. She clothed ALL of her grandchildren. She made toys for my boys (little knitted power ranges toys) and she made many soft knitted toys for babies at the hospitals to gather comfort from and most importantly she taught my sisters and i the craft of knitting.

Even as her dementia took over, she held those knitting needles as long as she could, until her memory of how to knit was taken from her, and then she was taken from us.

So even though i didn’t hear the familiar sound of the clicking, or see the bright coloured wool at the time, i know she was with me, while i took this trip to South America and for that thought alone, i smile.


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