Peru- Machu Picchu- Second times’ a charm


This photo makes me smile, as i still look so happy when this was taken……………. even though it was the second time we hit the mountain that day.

We arrived at Machu Picchu nice and early in the morning, and with our personal guide called joy ( seemed quite apt really) we had already spent 2 hours having a personal tour of the entire site, had taken hundreds of mist-filled shots on every inch of the mountain, we had stopped for lunch and when the mist lifted, we did it all over again, and got a whole collection of stunning photos as a result of the charm of the second.

Now i must admit, i am not quite sure if the happy face was because of the magic of the place and how proud i was that i managed to last the second ascent, or if it was because directly on the right of this shot was the exit….. down 50+ rocky steps.


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