Photo memory 5- glamour goes out the door when travelling


This photo makes me smile, as it reminds me that glamour really does go out the door while travelling.

Here i am in my gorgeous (not) pink plastic raincoat on the most famous mountain in Peru- Machu Picchu.

This hideous (yet practical) garment was affectionately called my “woop woop coat’ and it kept me dry and comfortable during the downpour that met us in the early morning mist on the mountain.

The woop woop was kindly named after the sound it made (when the wind caught up under it and it free-floated in all its splendour.)

These plastic wonders were available on every street corner, or pushed upon you at every tour bus stop and cost a meagre euro for such beauty.

They were flimsy and ripped VERY easily and i had the pleasure of wearing two different models throughout my trip in South America. We even purchased one in the gift shop of the five star luxury spa resort- for use on a rainy day in Mexico when we went to visit another of the world’s wonders (Chichen Itza).


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