Photo memory 4- this is what happy looks like

20170101_000108 (2) i smile when i look at this photo as it shows just how happy and alive we both were, to be seeing in the new year of 2017, together!

This was a  VERY different photo from previous new year’s eves we had experienced and when i see this photo i am reminded that the magic you can clearly see in it, wasn’t that we were in a foreign country, or that we were doing something really different to normal, it was that WE were together and happy and so glad that we had fixed us.

For many years we spent many  a happy 31st December in friends backyards, or seeing a movie with one of our sons, one year we were away with siblings but one sad, lonely new year’s eve, we saw in the new year actually separated and living apart.

THAT would have to have been the worst new years eve i had ever experienced. It held no joy or hope for the future that night….. but how wrong was that thought!

This photo reminds me that even when you think you are at the end….. you need to think again.



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