Peru- Cusco Day Trip- you have to exert yourself to get the reward

20170104_141155 This photo makes me smile with the memory of the climb and feeling loved and supported as i did it.

This photo was taken when we were still feeling a little unwell with altitude sickness. We had caught the day tour coach, and had intended to sit on the comfy seats and watch the world go by, ease ourselves into the Peru experience was the plan…………. and then we were marched out of the coach.

“The views are spectacular” we were told, ‘so worth the walk up the hill”, we were told. Me……………. i just saw many many many steps, hair-raising height (which i am not a fan of) and rain-slippery stones.  Frozen with fear, i hesitated.

But then i saw and experienced the supportive people with me.

They held back, they coaxed and encouraged, “take your time” they said, “take a step at a time”, “go at your own pace and we will assist you” they offered…….. and with the help and support of hubby and the other couple we had befriended on the coach, i made it to the very top and i got to see the most wonderful view.

the view from the top.




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