photo memory 2- lament or lama??


This photo makes me happy because it shows the silver lining which is ALWAYS there…………………….. if you are prepared to look for it.

Both Michael and I weren’t feeling well this day. We had only touched down in Cusco Peru late, the night before, and today was a designated “rest and get acclimatised” day.

We were supposed to be experiencing Peru Day Two at this stage…………but we had been delayed at the airport, for hours, and  instead of being a day and a half in, we were only a few hours in (not even 12 hours into our Peru portion of the trip to be precise) when this photo was taken.

Our agent had booked a full day tour for day two, that we could decide to go on, or reneg, as we saw fit, depending on how our acclimatising was going………….. and we tossed and turned with the decision, would we go on the tour bus or stay at the hotel and drink copious amounts of cocoa tea and just rest????

We lamented that we weren’t feeling overly well, but we both WANTED to push through, if we didn’t do the full day trip on the coach today, we would miss seeing things………………. and so we went , from lament to lama!

Luckily the tourist bus came with cocoa tea too, so we got the best of both worlds……. we got to see the cathedrals and monasteries, we saw many original inca walls, we saw lots of big stones on top of each other, and we got the standard lama selfie to bring home to show people. It ain’t peru if you don’t pose with the lamas.


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