Day 16- our last day in paradise

Saturday 14th Jan was our last day in paradise.

It started with a sleep in, followed by breakfast at Spice.

Cooked to order pancakes, filled with fresh strawberries, raspberries and covered in chocolate (for hubby, and in my caramel for me). Then toast and freshly squeezed orange juice.

We then played pool in the Games room, which was filled with billard tables, table tennis, big screen tv’s and of course, the kitchen set up with never ending food and drinks, stocked up regularly.

game-room--v2282666-720 After breakfast we head out to the shops for those last few minute gifts.

My favourite finds- interchangeable sandals (soles with three different clip on covers), brightly coloured salsa bowls with lids for when he have mexican meals at home, a great beach bag that extends out with four separate zips to bring it from small & handy to large enough to carry the kitchen sink ( perfect for our son, for when he visits us at our new beach house), new board shorts for hubby, little coin purses for my sisters, and a few magnets for the girls at work. We purchased a lovely little print that now sits in my art studio at home ( a skeleton couple kissing- symbolising love reborn after death), we got a marbles checkers set for our younger son and a couple of keychains and bottle openers.

20170114_163202  The rest of the day was spent in our normal haunting ground…


hanging out in the spa with all the americans and canadians.

Our last dinner was at Maria Marie again

followed by the International Show in the main foyer ( funnily enough Australia didn’t make it into the international show).


Then we head off to our room and lament that our time in paradise was about to end in a few small hours.


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