Day 15- Ruins and water

Friday, 13th January 2017

Today was another of our planned, pre-paid full-day trips. This time we were off to Tulum and then on to Xel-Ha ( A water theme park).


The day was WET, and cold as we waited for our 7.45am pick up. It wasn’t a good start to the day, as the girl from the tour company arrived late, and then informed us that we would have to walk in the rain for about 3 blocks, as they were unable to bring the bus closer.  ( This in itself was a bit doubtful, as The Royal had a huge driveway).

Luckily we were well prepared in Mexico, after being in Peru ( raincoats were always in our backpacks- as were our bathers) so whilst everyone else arrived soaked to the skin, we arrived at the bus at least, dry.

The first stop for the bus was Xel-Ha, but as we were on the full day tour, we stayed on board and would return to the water theme park later in the day. We were hearded onto a smaller bus and we headed to Tulum, the ancient ruins, another mayan village set on the side of a mountain, overlooking the ocean.

We wandered around the village, took photos and released that we were officially “over ruins”, especially ruins in the rain. After the standard look around, we purchased some souvenirs and then headed back to the bus.


Once we got back to the bus, we were given our arm bands that signalled our “all inclusive” pass at the waterpark. With yet another magic armband, we were given towels, lockers, all the food we wanted at each of the restaurants in the whole complex, and any drink ( alcoholic or not) at any of the bars or drink stations scattered throughout the acres of waterpark.


After stopping for a quick lunch at the mexican style restaurant, we changed into our bathers, stuffed our clothes and possessions into the lockers and started our water themed entertainment.

With the rain now abating,  our first stop with the bike shop… the fun way to get to the starting point, the mouth of the river.

Not a glamorous start really, me in my bathers, attempting to ride down the rocky pathways, on a BIG bike, a little too big really ( hard to stop, if you need to).

I remember saying, don’t take photos of my like this… it’s NOT glamorous at all. lol

When we reached the mouth of the river we ditched the bikes and michael grabbed a snorkel set and flippers, and i grabbed an inflated tube and he headed to the river for the hour long journey on the water.

The snorkelers were directed down one area to swim and explore their way down the river, whilst us tubers were sent via the swamp, floating past and through the oddly shaped trees, drawn by the pull of the river. Quite peaceful and relaxing really.

About 20 mins down the snorkellers and the tubers merged and we all just drew with the current, as the river made its way towards to ocean.


As we float down the river, we past the rope course, the jumping platform and the zipline


Michael and i finally found each other near to the end of the river, closer to where the river met the ocean.

xel ha

After being in the water for over an hour, we were a bit cold, so we dried off, changed into our warm clothes, and then wandered around the rest of the park.

Our next stop was the floating bridge. Nestled between the river base and the ocean rolling in, it learched in all directions, as people attempted to cross over it.

2017-01-13 16.38.45 After that, we headed to the boat, and went below deck to watch a family, attempting to be scuba divers feeding the fish below, and then we headed to the dolphin area to watch other people feeding them and having photos taken.

We wandered down to the lighthouse, and investigated the underground water caves.

Then we sat and relaxed in the deck chairs enjoying the sun that had eventually came out to be kind. Another visit to the restaurants, this time for late afternoon desert together with the never ending pin colodas on tap, and then we wandered and found another bar offering expresso martinis.

After a wonderful day out at the ruins and then the water park, we were returned to our hotel via bus around 730pm.

A full 12 hours out- what a great day.


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