Day 14- You have to leave the resort to get the true Mexican experience

The Royal Spa Resort- everything in THIS picture was part of the one Resort!


One of the hardest things to do, while on our holiday was to leave heaven.

(Staying at a 5 star, all inclusive, adults only ,Spa Resort like “The Royal” was truly AMAZING. Everything you could possibly want or desire was available within the walls of the resort. There was no need to leave. Unpack your bag and just stay).

The only thing that the resort didn’t deliver, in our opinion, was the true mexican experience, as it was a very Americanised hotel.

So for us to feel like we truly were in Mexico, we had to walk out the door and head into the street.

One of the first things we did when we left the hotel, was to hunt down a true mexican meal.20170112_184250  All the food at the hotel was very westernised, there was the occasional taco shell here or there, but most of the food was what we got normally here in Australia.

Eggs, bacon, cereals, pizza, pasta, steaks, you get the drift.  To experience traditional mexican food, enchildas, tacos, nachos……. we got out, and into the bright colorful street cafes.



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