Day 14- How to get free stuff

time equals money

Thursday 12th Jan- Today was marked on our calendar as a quiet day….. the only thing planned for the day was a quick meeting with Michelle from the front reception desk.
She had approached us earlier in our days at the hotel and mumbled something about the Platinum Service, a free beach bag, a sarong and a selfie-stick (and some vague mention of some peso.) *** now that WAS where the penny should have dropped- but it didn’t.

As Michael had been planning for some “special things to be arranged”, in conjunction with Nicole the super travel agent, and he hadn’t had a chance to double check for replies from Nicole…. so that is when we misunderstood Michelle’s approach as something Nicole had set in motion, so we agreed we would receive the Platinum Service.

So at 7.30am we met Michelle and she joined us for breakfast (at one of the hotel’s other restaurants), and then she took us for a guided tour around the grounds.

Amazingly there were parts at the hotel, 4 days in, that we hadn’t stumbled across at that point in time.

We stopped at an office and were given the free beach bag, the sarong and the selfie-stick and we continued the tour.

We were shown were the Day Spa was, we got to check out where we could go, for free, to have a sauna, a spa….. we were shown where the Coffee House was hiding, as well as the tequila bar and the cigar bar, and then we found ourselves, after about an hour with her, being escorted into a room to meet with one of her associates.

That’s when the penny dropped- this wasn’t something Nicole had arranged for us…… we were in the heart of the Time Share Office!


That’s when we got the hard sell- all those questions asked about where we have travelled over the last 4-5 years, came back to haunt us….. “do you realise you spent X dollars over the last 4 years…. whereas you could just spend $14,000 USD today and secure 10 years of visits here to The Royal, blah blah blah…… this amount is just a drop in the ocean compared to what you had recently spent on our Europe and South America trips, blah blah blah.

It took them a while to understand that our budget for Europe and now South America wasn’t the norm, that each of those trips were planned, saved for and for very special reasons, and that for us to return every year, for ten  years, was not only outside of our price range but also difficult as we live on the other side of the world…. a 14 hour flight, unlike the 2 hour flight for most of the other guests at the hotel……AND the fact that we had just bought a brand new house and spent all our remaining money. Time share was NOWHERE in our future.

We had been lucky enough to have TWO trips of our lifetime…… not a trip each year of our lives!

When the penny finally dropped for them, they finally realised that we were getting all the free stuff ( including 500 mexican peso cash) and they weren’t getting any signatures on contracts.

So with our pockets lined with peso, we bid them farewell and headed to the hotel shop and used our newly acquired cash to buy a replacement plastic poncho (as more wet weather was scheduled for the next day) AND an underwater camera phone case ( which we would be able to use the next day when we would be taking photos whilst IN water).




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