Day 13- You learn (during travel) to be a boy-scout…. “being prepared”


One of the things you learn when travelling is to be a boy-scout… PREPARED for anything!

Mexico was a sunny 28+ degrees when we headed out for Michael’s birthday half-day tour, yet as we had come from the mountains of Peru, and the hot springs of Callientes Aguas (machu Picchu) , we STILL had wet weather gear in our backpacks, as well as our bathers -for you never knew when  you would get caught in the rain, or had an opportunity to swim in hot springs, or spas or rivers/lakes etc…. and today would be another of those golden opportunities.

As i mentioned in my earlier post, after getting an upgrade from a half day tour to a full day tour, the tourist bus headed out from Chichen Itza to sacred Cenote, an unground swimming hole that was part of the Chichen Itza grounds.


Here we hired towels, we changed into our bathers, and then washed down in the cold water outdoor showers. This was compulsory for anyone wanting to swim, you had to wash off the oils and chemicals on your body ( shampoos, deodorants, perfumes….)


Then started our way down the many stairs, deep into the underground cave.

stairs cenote

Once you reached the landing at the bottom, you had the choice to either walk up to the 5m jumping platform, or you could climb down the rope ladders to swim in the sinkhole, which i was told was around 26 meters deep.

Michael opted for the jumping platform, so he lined up as i got the camera ready, and then he jumped….. and i missed the shot.

Another climb up the jumping platform finally got the shot and then it was my turn… except i opted to climb down the rope ladder and swim a little. The thought of jumping into the water from a height, into a bottomless pit of water freaked me completely out, and with no life jacket on, i was not game…. but a little swim around, gently easing myself into the water, swimming around while michael took the odd shot and then heading to the exit ladder was peaceful…..until i realised there were HUGE fish in the water with me.

As both of us enjoyed our time in the underground cave pool, we looked up to see the cascade of tree roots flowing down towards the water.


The water was fresh, and cool, and we watched others jump and dive and swim with the black fish, and then we quickly rushed back up the stairs, dried off quickly, threw our clothes back on, returned the hire towels, and jumped back into the tourist bus to head the two hours back to Playa.

Birthday dinner was back at Spice, our favourite restaurant, and then we headed back to the main foyer to watch the nightly show.

The Show was “Mexican Folklore”. The dancers this time, were dressed in Native American Indian attire, and they completed fire dances and then finished the evening in traditional mexican flamenco styled clothes, swirling around, tapping and stomping their feet to the rhythm.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Make sure you sign on to hear about our we spent our next day, earning  ourselves $500 Mexican Pesos for about 2 hours of our time….and what we bought with our little booty of cash.



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