Day 12…. 30 years in the making


Tuesday 10th Jan. Today, i used my built-in “Official Imperial Map” (shown above) to navigate our way from our spectacular hotel to the home-land, Pandora, on the day of our 30th wedding anniversary.

Prior to us commencing our trip to South America, hubby and i had discussed doing something special for the three events that would take place during our holiday.

For New Year’s Eve while in Chile we planned to attend the Black & White Ball (see day 2 blog posts in the archive), we planned to visit one of the official new wonders of the world for hubby’s birthday (which would be tomorrow 11th jan) and we discussed purchasing a brand new wedding band for myself on the day of our anniversary, after my original went for a swim in the ocean in 2014.

So the morning of 10th January started off with a sleep in, breakfast at spice again, and then i turned my internal radar on, and we worked our way down to 5th Avenue Playa del Carmen to Pandora. Here we purchased a lovely silver charm with Chichen itza to put onto my travel bracelet, and then we selected a brand new ring.


After our successful shopping excursion, we headed back to The Royal and relaxed poolside for the afternoon.

Then as night began to fall, we got dressed up and headed to our pre-booked dinner at one of the more fancier restaurants. (Most of the restaurants you could walk into, wearing anything, but there were also restaurants that you had to book into and dress up for, Maria-Marie was one of those.)


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Marco our waiter recommended the Rib eye for Michael and Lamb Cutlets for me, after we advised him that we weren’t great seafood eaters. His recommendations were spot on… delicious.

After our main meals, desert was ordered and delivered to the table, with a surprise little extra

15941474_10154873797452354_1407772997495871350_n After our desert we headed to the main foyer to watch another of the hotel’s shows with cocktails in hand


and then we retired for the night, wandering back to our room…. to find that the staff had been in our room too…


It was kind of funny, as we both were aware that our room would be flower bombed during our dinner date, as all the surprises that Michael had tried to arrange for this special day  before our arrival were all blown by the check-in staff when we first arrived, as they outlined what services they had “booked in” as part of our welcome meeting.

Whilst Michael was disappointed that the day’s planned surprises weren’t surprises anymore, i was touched by his gesture and reminded him that i was so happy we were there together, on our special day, both in the moment, both “checked in and wanting to be there” and that was everything i could possibly want.

So with chocolate coated strawberries calling, and a hot tub all decorated with candles in the waiting, we enjoyed the rest of the evening celebrating the miracle of us actually getting to 30 years of marriage.

Be sure to check out how we spent Michael’s 55th birthday ticking off another of the world’s new wonders. Sign up to get an email when i post.


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