Day 11- When doing absolutely nothing is the day’s planned activity.

Monday 9th January, 2o17

mexico-2 Today there were no alarm clocks, no flights to catch, no early morning transfers, no mountains to climb, no steps to mount, no rushing about,  we had nowhere to be, nowhere to go……….. so we might as well stay in paradise.

So…….. we slept in……… and then did basically nothing, most of the day.

Talk about BLISS!


After relaxing in our beautiful suite, we managed to wander down to breakfast (at about 10.30am).

We hit Spice Restaurant, where you could get every type of breakfast item you could possibly think of!

Cereals, fruit, yogurt, eggs, bacon, grilled sausages and tomatoes, a selection of mexican foods (tacos and enchiladas), a selection of cold meats and cheeses, and of course the very popular chef who made pancakes to order, smothered in chocolate or berries.

After the HUGE breakfast we planned to take a walk along the beach, the one we could see from our room balcony, to counterbalance the meal we had just consumed.

Sea view from our balcony at The Royal, Playa del Carmen

After our walk along the beach, we headed down to the main shops to look around and have a bit of a shop.

Walking around, shopping  in Mexico was an interesting experience.  Of course there were the skeletons and skulls. The celebration of the dead is very BIG in mexico!


Of course, i got my own little collection of skeleton items during our trip.

A cute set of earrings featuring a skeleton bride and groom and a picture of a skeleton couple embracing which now hangs in my art room.

Frida Kahlo, the famous mexican female artist was HUGE in Playa del Carmen too.

Her image was on everything, whole shops were devoted to her, and even a restaurant was named after her.


Of course i got my own little Frida keepsake, a lovely little lipstick mirror from La Milagrosa, featuring a flamenco-dancing skeleton on one side and a tango-dancing skeleton couple, on the other.

We also wandered into a stunning shop called Maya-Xel, where we purchased several shell artworks and shell candles on stands. (We would have loved to have brought back one of the large shell lights however we wouldn’t have been able to plug them in, in Australia, as the wattage is different.)


After our shopping excursion, we headed back to the hotel, to relax in our favourite spot in the resort….

20170109_151300 The hot tub…. where many a cocktail was consumed during the afternoon, followed by….


Pelicanos….. with ocean view…. for dinner, followed by….


our seats in the main foyer, ready to watch the nightly show, with a blue lagoon and my favourite cocktail “The Riviera Maya”.

What a great way to spend the day doing nothing!

Be sure to check out the next blog, how we spent the day celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary.


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