Day 10- the other guests and the entertainment they provide for free


8th January, 2017- One of the things that we will remember during our 8 day stay at The Royal, is the EXTRA entertainment that the other guests, spurred on by alcohol throughout the day, provided.

Whilst hotel provided, each night, in the main foyer, a structured planned entertainment program, showcases of dancing, singing, and acrobatics, it was the other guests that brought more smiles to our faces.

On our first night, as we headed to the main foyer to enjoy “party night” (a combination of professional entertainment and karaoke) it was the Americans who had been hanging out at the bar watching the NFL games all afternoon, that provided the BIGGEST laughs and fondest memories.

Their laughs and cheering could be heard throughout the building, down the hallways, but not quite to our room. As the NFL game finished, the happy sports fanatics spilled out into the lobby and then hit the dance floor after the karaoke had finished and the hotel played standard background dance music.

Memories of the one of the Americans lying on the dance floor while the smaller chubby guy rode him like a surfboard, with drink in hand, will stay with me. So funny.

Another form of entertainment (of sorts) was provided during our stay by a typical alcohol enriched show-off couple, who had set themselves the challenge of making sure every single person at the resort knew that they were  “THE NEWLY WEDS”.

They pawed at each other, drew attention to that very fact and then flashed their bodies to anyone and everyone. “look at my hot wife” he says as he lifts her top .  “look at me” she says as she opens her towel.  Their desperate need to be noticed and validated by everyone was not only trashy, but sad at the same time.

As we sat in the outdoor Jacuzzi chatting to another young couple there on their honeymoon too (a young girl with MS and her husband) we tried to ignore the bragging from “THE newlyweds” and joked with them that maybe they should “get a room” and “wait…. you have one, why not go and use it.”

And of course there was the standard alcohol infused entertainers who joined the fun poolside as the hotel staff called for volunteers to take ballroom lessons beside the pool.

We had eight days of entertainment thanks to the hotel staff and the hotel guests.

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