Day 10-Amazing doesn’t start to describe it….

Sunday 8th January 2017

The Royal, Playa Del Carmen, is one of those places you really only dream about.

You never really think you are going to be somewhere as special as there.   It’s the things of hollywood…….glamour and pure luxury!

Even the late afternoon arrival in cool cloudy conditions, didn’t reduce the WOW factor, when we first walked through those doors.

Even the drive way was opulent!


After checking in with bubbly in hand, and being “tagged” ( see my previous post re what all inclusive really means)- we headed to Spice, the first restaurant we would be frequenting during our 8 day stay.

The first of the all you can eat buffets. SO MUCH FOOD!


Luckily we were no longer suffering from altitude sickness and our appetite came back, so we made full use of all that was on offer.

After the meal we wandered around the hotel grounds, pinching ourselves as we walked around, getting our bearings.


After wandering around, we headed to “party night” in the main lobby.

Staying at the Royal was really reminiscent with staying on a luxury cruise ship. All the food and drink you wanted, daily activities poolside, shops to spend $$ in, and a crew of singers and dancers and acrobats there to entertain us each night.

Be sure to check out my next blog which will talk about “party night” and the mischievous Americans who helped inadvertently to provide even more entertainment.


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