Day 10… the magic of a little wristband


From the moment we arrived at “The Royal” we were given a clear indication of what an “all inclusive” hotel resort meant……. the first question asked of us, as we pulled out our luggage from the car boot of the transfer vehicle was “would you like a champagne?”.

When Michael researched hotels to stay at, he suggested we would enjoy an adults only hotel, a place that almost ALL the food there, and ALL the drinks would be included in the pre-paid price.

I mentioned “almost” in relation to the food, for the only extra cost that we could attract was if we asked for Lobster at one of the restaurants. (Given we don’t really eat seafood  everything was up for grabs- so we were truly inclusive- no need for cash ( apart for tips).

With The Royal having around 8 restaurants to chose from, you could just enter them, any time of the day, and find food ready to go. If you wanted three breakfasts, two lunches and a couple of dinners in the day, washed down with morning and afternoon tea, there was no-one there to say no.

Extra cafes on site, as well the eating and drinking station in the games room, meant food was plentiful!

The mini bar included chips and nuts and muesli bars, all which could be consumed, and magically we would find them restocked.

And to top of heaven- ANY drink we wanted was ours within a heartbeat too!

There were those odd bottles of red and white wines in our room (which we could consume anytime, without guilt).

On occasion we found champagne with chocolate dipped strawberries in our room ( as we were celebrating a milestone whilst there- a nice surprise romance package from hubby) which went down a treat!

We could help ourselves to any of the beers, waters or soft drinks in the fridge and top them up with a barcadi, vodka, tequila or johnny walker which were all “on tap” inside our room…………… and of course getting drinks outside of our room was easy.


Outside of our room, there were staff waiting beside the pool,  with that wonderful question “Can i get you a cocktail?”

The Riviera Maya Cocktail that i consumed many of….

And all of this wonderous food and drink was courtesy of the plastic hospital-styled wristband emblazoned with “The Royal” on it that was placed on our wrist upon our arrival and actually physically cut off us (and kept by the hotel) on our departure.

Colour coded to indicate if you were a first time guest (like us) or if you were a repeat offender who got added benefits.

These wristbands worked wonders inside the complex known as The Royal, and provided us with funny memories when out wandering around the streets.

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