Day 9- Thank God the travel agent knew where to draw the line. lol


Throughout this travel blog i have been raving about what a fantastic job our travel agent (Nicole from Destination HQ in Black Rock Victoria) had done with the outstanding accommodation we had enjoyed throughout our trip.

The hotel in Santiago Chile ( Plaza San Francisco) was lovely, the Casa Andina Private Collection Hotels throughout Peru were luxurious, and the Casa we stayed at, in Sacred Valley,  was absolutely heavenly….. but i may have used a different description if she had booked us into the hotel that our driver pointed out on our transfer back to Cusco.

I am SO GLAD she dropped the ball when the driver of our private transfer actually pointed out the most scariest hotel in Peru and joked with us….. had we stayed there???

Now this hotel is breathtakingly beautiful, but………………….

To stay here, you have to part with around $300 USD per night, AND be prepared to climb 400 meters up a mountain literally, zip line across the face of the wall and sleep a thousand of feet above the Sacred Valley in a transparent luxury capsule secured to the cliffside and then abseil down the next morning……  skylodge adventure pods, not for the faint of heart (or those petrified of heights – like me).



I know i have raved about the wonderful hotels we stayed in, but here i draw the line…. no bloody way! Heights and me don’t get along.

I wonder how many of my readers would have been game?




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