Day 9- Trains, targets and monsters…. on our way back to Cusco


Saturday 7th January 2017

This morning we headed to the train station to catch the Vista Dome train back to Sacred Valley’s station. We stopped quickly at the shop next to the hotel to finalise the sale we had been playing with, only to find the shop shut…. so we headed to the train feeling a little down.

But the feeling down didn’t last long as the trip back was VERY different to that we experienced coming to the Machu Picchu small mountain town, and presented many opportunities for us to laugh with surprise.

The first of the unexpected surprises was we got to watch the Saqra, which was a traditional dance in the highlands of the Cusco Region in Peru. The dancers are dressed as animal figures. Whilst the dancers look “monster-like” the Saqra dancer is there to entertain everyone by just playing innocent tricks on those aboard.

After the Saqra dancer finishes, the rest of the train staff conduct an impromptu fashion parade …. showcasing the beautiful alpaca clothing available for sale ON the train.

It was then that Michael and i realised that we  (because of the way we were dressed) had made ourselves invisible …….while the smartly dressed Americans sitting opposite us, in their “Northface” branded outdoor trekking wear, became the number one target for the expensive shopping experience.



We on the other hand, were totally invisible, what with me in my plastic poncho that i nicknamed the “woop woop poncho” (because of the sound it made when the wind got up under it and blew it all over the place)… there was no hard sell in our direction as we must have looked like the poor couple, so no pressure to buy came our way.

The American couple on the other hand purchased an item each. lol

Once the train returned to the sacred Valley’s station, we were then met by a private car that took us back to Cusco.

My next blog will talk about the transfer back to the hotel, and then our continued unsuccessful attempts at purchasing that wall hanging (as at this point in time, my diary continues to hope, as my diary doesn’t have that crystal ball that i now have access to (called hindsight).





2 thoughts on “Day 9- Trains, targets and monsters…. on our way back to Cusco

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  1. I remember the “fashion show” too. Was one of the models a young guy? We had a young guy and he was so uncomfortable and embarrassed, parading around in the ponchos and sweaters. I felt bad for him.


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