Day 8-When the rains come, you seek shelter at the shops


souvenir-stalls-in-aguas-calientes-machu-picchu-town-peru-d8w7wb-2 Friday 6th January 2017

After we returned to the small town at the bottom of Machu Picchu, the heavens opened up and it rained the rest of the day.

We spent the remainder of the afternoon walking around the markets in search of presents for workmates, my sisters, friends and little trinkets for us and our new home.

We found the lovely dolls that reminded me of my mum (who LOVED dolls) for my sisters, we purchased tiny little llamas for my workmates, a traditional Peruvian flute for my son (who is into music and all types of instruments) and we found fantastic colourful placements that will look great with our brand new outdoor setting that we got for the balcony at our new house.

At that point in time, we were still playing the bartering game with the shop keeper in regard to the stunning wall hanging and we had planned to finalise our game and pack a brand new wall hanging in our backpacks, when we headed back to the hotel close to dinner time.

We saw the shop keeper then, who had closed up his shop and was enjoying a drink with his friends out the front, and we waved and said we would see him in the morning…. as we thought we could purchase before our train trip back to Ollantaymbo and  Cusco.

As you know that didnt eventuate.

Dinner that night was at Inti House Pizza restaurant, which was extremely colourful and featured flags of the nations, which encouraged lots of tourists in to sit in their country’s table.


Around the restaurant were messages from tourists from all over the world, and we spent time reading lots of them and playing spot the Aussies’ on message on the wall.

The restaurant even had giant Jenga wooden blocks to play while you waited for your pizza to arrive.

Then we headed back to the hotel, and got an early night, as we would be heading back to Cusco to collect our main luggage again.

As  i had previously mentioned, we HAD to leave all our luggage behind when we came to Machu Picchu- this was mandatory- as 90% of the tourists actually trek to the town over the mountain and those who don’t trek don’t want to be carrying two people’s luggage- so all the huge suitcases are left at your hotel in Cusco and its back pack territory only.

Be sure to sign on to follow, and read about us trying ununsuccessfully to track down a wall hanging when we get back to Cusco……. as we found the shop shut in the morning, so our bartering backfired on us.




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