Day 8- it’s amazing what you see as the fog lifts


Well as you probably guessed from my last post, after our initial 2 1/2 hour tour of the site covered in fog, we were lucky enough to see the fog lift and we decided to go back in and retake photos (without the fog hiding everything).

We got to re-take photos of the Lamas that they strategically placed on the site so all the tourists could take their lama selfies. (There were around 15 roaming around, while people edged closer to them, with their selfie sticks in hand.)

There was no surprises there, we expected to see the lamas, as every google photo you see is of machu picchu with the lamas peeking into the shot.

What we weren’t really expecting to see, was around 20 stray dogs just wandering around, all over the main front entrance. Given it was a 30 minute drive up the mountain, we wondered if they made the trip up there each morning or whether they actually lived up there???

They didn’t seem to pester people or scavenge around for food, they just wandered between the tourists for pats.  But the most bizarre thing about these dogs, was that fact that around 1pm, they all dropped to the ground, every single one of them, and went to sleep. The tourists simply stepped over them and continued to enter the site.

Anyway, as i mentioned, after the fog lifted we used our site pass to re-enter the site (each pass allows you to enter up to three times on the named day), so we re-entered and made our way up the steps all over again!

We had come so far to be here, it would be such a waste to not go back in and re-climb to the highest point again, so we could get that famous shot all over again……… as much as my body was sore and saying no…………..

The higher we went, the more spectacular the photos became. Simply stunning, breathtaking….. and then when we got to the highest peak all over again, and got the famous shot that everyone takes, we headed for the exit…. and guess what was there….



If you wanted to exit, you had to walk down around 100 steps, rocky, uneven stairs and then you queued to get on the bus.

We had been lucky, whilst the weather had been foggy and overcast, the heavens were kind to us while we were on the mountain. As the bus weaved its way down the mountain the heavens opened up and the rain stayed for the rest of the afternoon and night.

Be sure to check out my blog for what we did in the rain upon our return to town.





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